Haceria Alchemy (Haceri Simya) is an environment and nature friendly company, dedicated itself to feel and enjoy and also to make you deeply feel and enjoy the beauty and goodness of the nature. Combination of the words ‘Hacer’, which means “Stone”, and “Alchemy”, which means the art of finding elixirs to heal all of the illnesses and to extend our life spans, became a good and preferred choice to name our company.

Well-experienced and specialized Research & Development team of Haceria Alchemy develops and offers organic and nature friendly products, which are composed of natural and nourishing ingredients that are needed for the health of our body, and of natural elements and additives used for cleaning and body care purposes. Our products, which are composed of processed and purified particles of natural and useful rocks, herbs and plants and their extracts and of many other raw materials, do not contain ethyl alcohol. Positive effects and influences of our products, classified in the innovative product group, are being noticed within a very short time.

Our products are being produced in a way, which does not cause any harm to the environment and nature, in order to serve for human health and happiness. Our products do not leave any residual pollutants.


Our company’s mission is to be a “protector of human health and nature” and to achieve this target together with our technical team, consisted of professionals specialized and well-experienced in their sectors, in order to successfully carry out our activities within our specialization fields, such as food, cosmetics, textile and other relevant fields.

Haceria Alchemy